Winter Food Items That Will Keep You Warm

Winter has arrived and you must be fighting with chill. Looking for winter food items that keep you warm? Here are popular snacking items that are in big demand to beat the chill.

6 winter food items


winter food items Chikki

Chikki is a popular winter season food which is also called a desi energy bar. This is a popular sweet in the winter season with goodness of peanuts, jaggery and sugar. Chikki is a dry snack you can have any time anywhere.

Boiled Eggs

boiled egg

Boiled eggs are quick snacks with essential minerals and vitamins. Replace a deep fried snack with boil eggs. Its nutritional value brings good benefits to the body.



The Gajak is another desi energy bar to bring warmth. With ingredients like sesame seeds, groundnut and jaggery. Gajak is another popular food which you can nibble that keeps you warm in winter.



Peanuts are also known as Groundnut. It fights bad cholesterol with mono-unsaturated fatty acids. It also has vitamins, minerals and energy making it very nutritive. Peanuts are popularly available roasted and salted snack in India.

Sweet potato

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain lot of fiber and potassium. Benefit of Sweet potato contain nutrients like vitamins A, vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid and other minerals. 

Hot soups


Enjoy any hot soup of your choice to keep warm. From options like sweet corn, chicken, mixed veg and many more, a warm soup will beat your hunger and winter chill.

So the next time you want to beat the chill, snack on the best winter food items in India.


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