Safe Driving in Winter – Here Are Quick Tips For You

We witness many car accidents during the winter season. Safe driving in winter season has challenges. It is equally very risky to drive during harsh extremely cold conditions.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind if you are driving during the cold winter:

Safe Driving in Winter

Don’t let your eyes off the road:

safe driving in winter

You need to keep your eyes on the road at all times. This will help you watch out for any problems and traffic diversions ahead.

Keep phones away:

no-mobile phones

It is both unsafe and illegal to use your mobile phone while driving. Driving in dense fog or harsh winter conditions involves extra care and attention.So,its always to keep your mobile phone away while driving your car.

Plan your driving route:

driving route

Its always better to plan your route before you start your journey so that you won’t be needing to constantly refer to navigation aids.

Check your vehicle maintenance:

vehicle maintenance

Check all your car systems like brakes,lights, tire pressure and fluids. Make sure your gas tank is full.

Be extra careful driving on ramps and bridges


Check Tyre pressure and inflate if needed.


Watch the weather:

Before you set to drive keep a check on weather conditions especially storm, snowfall, rain and fog.

Keep a first aid kit and a winter emergency kits: Its alway better to keep a first aid kit with all first aid supplies ready. You never know when you would need first aid to help yourself or help others in need. Also, keeping some winter emergency supplies like long shelf life food items, hot water blanket, tea or coffee sachets, light blanket and warm clothes because you never know when you need them in your long drive.





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