8 facts on living in a city with poor air quality

As autumn begins to set in the capital city of Delhi, the dipping of temperatures brings along fog and adding to it the growing levels of air pollution has resulted in smog. Residents of this city have had symptoms complaints and concern over the high levels of air pollution and what effects would this bring on the future. Want to know how life living in a smog city, here’s what it feels like.

  1. Smoke is in the air: The air is just filled with smoke and more smoke. If you take deep breath it’s just that strong smell of smoke that gives you an instant choke and a sick feeling. You will feel a certain type of heaviness in the air you breathe in.
  2. Everything around you gets dirty very soon: The soot, smoke and dust in the air will make your surrounding very dusty and grey, no matter how much you clean, your floors, surfaces and outdoor premises will get dusty soon.
  3. Watery eyes: On the onset of smog, residents of Delhi had complaints of itching, burning and watery eyes the moment they step outdoors.
  4. Smoky smell: If you come from outside your outdoor gear like your helmet, jacket, coats etc. will have a smoky smell.
  5. Sick pets and plants: Not only us but our pets and house plants do not cope well if there is smog in the city. Pets can show restlessness and be unhappy with no fresh air around. Plants too find it difficult to survive in unfavorable air quality.
  6. Very poor visibility: Everything gets delayed as dense smoke trapped in the atmosphere results in poor visibility. This year Delhi has witnessed a lot of delay in this flight and railway network. And who can forget the chain road accidents in Greater Noida – Agra express way.
  7. Everybody has symptoms of cold: Anyone you meet has the same complaints of headache and ENT problems. Most of them think that it’s because of the change in climate, but only a few realize that air pollution results ailments of allergies, breathing difficulties and respiratory issues.
  8. Aged and Young at high risk: The very first victims to fall prey of air pollution are elderly, infants and kids since they are vulnerable of falling ill due to their health competencies. Infants frequently contract cough episodes making them weak and elderly are at risk of developing respiratory illness like COPD along with age related ailments and lifestyle diseases.


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