What is Causing Air Pollution in Delhi ?

Cause of pollution in delhi

As the temperature dips in winter, the smoke in the air and fog of winter together has created Smog that has enveloped the city in great dangers. Let’s have a look at what actually is happening in Delhi to get a hold of activities that are contributing to air pollution.

Burning Of Garbage in Open

Due to mismanaged and careless garbage disposal system, the city has a huge issue of tackling waste and it is a very common scene in the city and people burn of whatever waste is found lying on roadside thinking that burning waste will reduce garbage. These waste consists mainly of plastic, burning of which creates very dangerous gases.


bonfire air pollution

Since it is the winter season, the city has a huge number of poor and homeless people who don’t have enough means to keep themselves warm. They opt to setting up bonfire to keep themselves warm and burn whatever they find around like leaves, stubble, plastic based products, papers etc. Also, the poor and homeless don’t have access to clean fuels that gives them no choice but to cook on open fire.

Generator Sets

air pollution from- generator

Despite of the ban on Diesel powered generator sets from November of 2017 to March of 2018, use of generator set is very prevalent and that too on a very large scale basis to support commercial and outdoor events.

Construction Debris

Construction and especially unauthorized construction is still at large. Demolition of old structures and renovation of new structures results a lot of construction debris. Activities like cutting of tiles creates a lot of waste particles flying in the air and painting with paints that have high levels of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) suspends dangerous compound in the atmosphere. The debris left after construction is not disposed wisely and left in the open that creates land and air pollution simultaneously.


Sweeping needs care so that the dust are not suspended in the air. Unfortunately, it is a common scene early in the morning in many parts of the city that sweeping is done in such a manner that you can find more dust flying in the air and the dust and garbage collected is left piled up lying on the open. Careless sweeping, especially in the open, contributes to instant pollution of air.

Vehicular Exhaust

As the number of vehicles on the road increases every day. It is a clear indication of more and more fuel based exhaust gases are being suspended in the air.

Damaged Roads

Roads that get damaged after monsoon lead to gaps and broken paths and as each vehicle passes by, a lot of dust gets suspended in the air.

Cooking in the open:

pollution from tandoor smoke

The city is a host of street food culture that encourages cooking in the open. Modes of cooking like Bar-B-Q, Tandoor, direct cooking on coal and even tiny restaurants that have stoves out in the open let’s off a lot of smoke residue and soot in the air.

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