Justice for 8 Year Old Mohammed Azeem, Protest in Jamia Nagar

Okhla unites for Justice for Mohammed Azeem

Justice for 8 Year Old Mohammed Azeem Protest

Justice for 8 Year Old Mohammed Azeem Protest in Jamia Nagar

Saturday, 27th October: Okhla gathered in solidarity to raise a protest against the lynching of 8 year old boy Mohammed Azeem in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

Social activists and members of various political parties , NGOs gathered along with college students from Jamia Millia Islamia  and organized a march showing gratitude and showed outrage with how the local authorities have taken entire the matter.

On speaking to some activists, they said that they were in resentment on the actions of the local police which has the taken the matter lightly and alleged negligence in the investigation of the whole issue. The protestors also showed annoyance on why the mainstream media has stayed mum over this entire case.

Protesters and activists feel that the killing of Mohammed Azeem is not a random incident among youngsters but instead a result of an organized crime where the most vulnerable part of the society ie. young children and teenagers are targets of sowing seeds of bitterness among Hindu-Muslim unity by nationalist groups.

The protestors demand fair trial and justice for Mohammed Azeem and sent a strong message to preserve the unity of Hindus and Muslims at any cost.

Mohammed Azeem was a madarsa student of Jamia Faridia and Jama Masjid madrasa located in Begumpur area. He was killed on late Thursday between a scuffle between two groups of children belonging to different religious beliefs. Earlier this month, the madrasa had complaints of tensions created by few boys from Valmiki Colony.


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