Fire TV on Fire! Google Drags YouTube from Amazon

Google Drags YouTube from Amazon

The Tech industry on Tuesday witnessed a public spat between two tech giants Google and Amazon. The latest dispute in the tech industry has put customers on crossroads. Here are some brief facts on how the entire spat unfolded.

What caused the Google-Amazon spat?

The conflict between the two giants has taken place due to the fact that does not sell Google hardware like Google Home and Chromecast. Amazon also doesn’t make its Prime Video available for Google’s Chromecast users and even stopped selling Nest’s latest products which is a sister company of Google.

Due to the lack of reciprocity from Amazon’s end, Google has decided to end supporting of Youtube to Amazon’s Echo show and Fire TV.

Access to YouTube from Fire TV will discontinue on January 1 for which Amazon response from a Reuters reports quotes, “Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website.”

Earlier this year Amazon had mended ties with Apple when it announced availability of its Prime Video’s on Apple TV whereas no such amendments were made with Google.

Current trend of Voice Technology

Since interacting and using technology with voice has seen a widespread popularity, a report from eMarketer suggests that Amazon’s range of voice controlled hardware has outsold Google earlier this year. The public spat between Google and Amazon brings uncertainty which among the two will dominate or would it give space to a new player in this technology

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