Air Quality Still Hazardous in Delhi

air quality in delhi

New Delhi: The air quality of the national capital is at a hazardous level but life in the city runs like any normal day. Schools and offices are still open, vehicles are still at large on the road, trucks are still running from other states, use of diesel generators for construction and commercial purposes and many other practices are at loose which is having an enormous contribution to the poor air quality in the capital.
On account of the current pollution crisis in Delhi, the Delhi pollution control committe has issued directions to prevention and control of Air Pollution, in the month of November, with orders to stop Operation of Elecrtricity generator sets run on Diesel/ Petrol/ Kerosene in the national capital territory of Delhi that operates from Novemner 2017- March 2018.
The following link of the website of Delhi’s Department of Environment where directions are isssued on the ban of Elecrtricity generator sets run on Diesel/ Petrol/ Kerosene

But despite the ban, use of such generators for the pupose to supply electricity is still at large . Since it is the wedding season, one can clearly see the use of such generators at a large scale. Also the market and construction segment of the capital is largely dependent on using generator sets.
This clearly shows a lapse in the part of awareness, since the government and NGT takes urgent measures of issuing directives and orders to tackle pollution which does not reach the actual grounds and activities that are contributing to air pollution in the city like burning of garbage, rough sweeping of homes and roads, construction, damaged roads are factors at every local level that needs immediate recognition and tackling.

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